Report Card of Yocheved Halpern

This report card, showing the grades of Yocheved Halpern (unsigned by her parents), was issued by the Bais Yaakov in Rzeszów in 1935, and was brought to the United States along with the Halpern family in 1939. It is reproduced here by permission of her son Joel Rosenfeld, of Boro Park, Brooklyn. Rzeszów is a mid-sized city approximately 170 kilometres east of Kraków that had a Jewish population of around 14,000 in the interwar period. The Rzeszów Bais Yaakov was founded in 1927 with 120 students, and by 1935, with 287, constituted the largest Bais Yaakov outside Kraków, Warsaw, or Łódź. As a beginning student in the earliest grade of this afternoon school, Yocheved was just learning basic skills, leaving more advanced subjects such as Bible, grammar, and history for later grades.

Identifier: JR2019.004

Document Title: Report Card of Yocheved Halpern

Document Date: 1928

Summary of Document: A report card of Yocheved Halpern from the Bais Yaakov of Rzeszow in 1928

Associated Locations: Rzezsow

Document's Current Location: Family archive of Joel Rosenfeld