This page features a collection of as many documents as we can find relating to the Bais Yaakov movement. Documents will be added as we continue to search archives and databases, and as our readers provide us with documents in personal collections. 

Access individual copies of the Bais Yaakov Journal, a usually-monthly publication that appeared from 1923 to 1939, here.

We hope to begin transcribing and translating documents as well. To maximize the educational value of the documents, our blog will showcase selected documents, examining the contents and analyzing the information we can glean from each one.

The items below come from various archives who have generously allowed us to host them on our site.
Please do not reuse these documents without permission of the respective archives.

If you have any documents that you think would be useful for this project, please contact us.

The Religious Renaissance of Jewish Woman: Sarah Schenirer – The Individual and Her Work, by Hilel Seidman (in Polish)

After Sarah Schenirer's 1935 death, the administration of the school called for a biography to be written. Although this book is not identified as this biography, it appeared the next year. It recounts the story of Schenirer's life and the history of the movement, and lists the major faculty and ...
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Yearbook: Bais Yaakov of Boro Park, 2002, Grade 8

The yearbook opens in the "English" direction as well as the "Hebrew" direction, with poems and essays in respective languages at each end. The above is a section of the yearbook. To view the full yearbook, click here ...
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Devorah Cohn’s speech about Sarah Schenirer and Bais Yaakov

Devorah Cohn's speech recounting her memories of the Kraków Teachers' Seminary in 1933-34, when she studied there ...
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