This page features a collection of as many documents as we can find relating to the Bais Yaakov movement. Documents will be added as we continue to search archives and databases, and as our readers provide us with documents in personal collections. 

Access individual copies of the Bais Yaakov Journal, a usually-monthly publication that appeared from 1923 to 1939, here.

We hope to begin transcribing and translating documents as well. To maximize the educational value of the documents, our blog will showcase selected documents, examining the contents and analyzing the information we can glean from each one.

The items below come from various archives who have generously allowed us to host them on our site.
Please do not reuse these documents without permission of the respective archives.

If you have any documents that you think would be useful for this project, please contact us.

The Collected Writings of Sarah Schenirer, Second Edition

Sarah Schenirer's collected writings in Yiddish, republished in honor of her twentieth Yahrzeit by her students in New York. With an introduction by Vichna Kaplan and handwritten dedication. Read a translation of some pages on Reading the Archive ...
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Registration Poster

Registration poster for a Bais Yaakov school in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn ...
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Report Card of Yocheved Halpern

This report card, showing the grades of Yocheved Halpern (unsigned by her parents), was issued by the Bais Yaakov in Rzeszów in 1935, and was brought to the United States along with the Halpern family in 1939. It is reproduced here by permission of her son Joel Rosenfeld, of Boro ...
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Letter from Jacob Rosenheim

Letter to the JDC from the London Central Office of Bais Yaakov, signed by Jacob Rosenheim, and with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt praising Bais Yaakov ...
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The Last Will and Testament of the 93 Martyrs

Yiddish transcription (the original, published in the NYT, was in Latin letters) of the will of the 93 Bais Yaakov martyrs, signed by the Bais Yaakov Central Office in Bergen-Belsen, Block 67 ...
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Letter from Cyrus Adler to Rabbi Tobias (Tuvia) Horowitz

Adler resists introducing Rabbi Tobias (Tuvia) Horowitz to Louis Marshall, telling him that Marshall knows about Bais Yaakov, and that Bais Yaakov interests are sufficiently represented in the JDC leadership by Rabbi Leo Jung ...
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Receipt, signed by Sarah Schenirer

Financial certificate, detailing funds acquired through Dr. Leo Deutschländer. Signed by Sarah Schenirer and Rabbi Asher Spira, for the Teachers Seminary Building Committee ...
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Postcard From the Rabka Summer Colony Home

A postcard sent from the Bais Yaakov vacation home in Rabka, the Tatra mountains, 1928. Courtesy of the Joint Distribution Committee Photograph Archive, NY_01585. The back of the postcard has a printed German message that reads: ‘The fourth professionalization course of Bais Yaakov began at the end of June and ...
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Memorial Booklet

Includes dedication pages, program, poem, and reproduction of Judith Grunfeld-Rosenbaum's writing about Sarah Schenirer ...
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Report from the Beit Yaakov Seminary in Jerusalem, 1955

Report on the students and classes at the Beit Yaakov Seminary in Jerusalem ...
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