This play is mentioned in other accounts and was part of the Bais Yaakov repertoire (and of general interest for Jewish writers beyond Bais Yaakov); although no script survives, the historical events depicted involve the early nineteenth-century forced conscription of very young Jewish boys into the Czarist army, for extended periods.


The back of the photo identifies the location and time of the photo (Rozan/Ruzhan, Purim 1935) and apparently lists a few participants (perhaps trying to “map” them): Paskowitz, in the middle front and left of the back row; Sarale Albeck; and Baylin.


From Devorah Epelgrad Cohn‘s albums.



Identifier: NC2019.005 and NC2019.005b
Photo Title: Bais Yaakov of Rozan Perform the Play “Cantonists”
Date: 1935
Geographic Location: Rozan (Yiddish–Ruzhan)
Archive: Family archive of Naftali Cohn
Summary: This photo shows the pupils of the Bais Yaakov of Rozan on Purim, in a play called “Cantonists.” Devorah Epelgrad (Cohn) is in the back row center.